Transport and cable cars

Moore is widely known as the world’s leading accountant and advisor to the transport and logistic sector. We work with owner managed businesses through to publically quoted companies nationally and internationally. We advise clients including brokers, logistics and freight forwarders and companies in the passenger travel industry (rail, bus, taxi).

We understand the financial and operational issues facing the transport & logistic companies and pride ourselves on assisting our clients in dealing with current and emerging issues such as market consolidation, deregulation, public private partnerships and financing.

Cable cars

Your cable cars bring their passengers to the top. You also want to be on top of the industry. We are here to guide you there with experience and competence. The constant pressure for major investments in order to be amongst the best and most attractive ones in the alpine surroundings, the merger or specialisation trends, the ratio of personnel expenses, the environmental conditions and regulations, all these parameters must be brought into the perfect fit for the company's prosperity. Our auditors' and advisors' experience gives best support in the manifold entrepreneurial questions - in all important aspects: cooperations and mergers, internal control system and risk management, data privacy or balancing.