The most demand-oriented way of bookkeeping  

You want to do the bookkeeping yourself? An arising question should be clarified with the bookkeeping expert or tax advisor, directly in the system? Your tax advisor should be able to work with the relevant data without any interface issues?

And, once that you or your bookkeeper are not available or short of time – project deadline, holidays, absenteeisms or fluctuaction – somebody should be able to deal with the bookings without delay so that no month-end closing or sales tax turnover return is missed out? 

Then, MS-ASP is your solution. 

With the ASP access, you can do the booking yourself – in the same system as we do: So you can handle it internally, but when you need it, we can support you directly, at short notice and professionally. 

As we use the same system, we do not need any data or balance transfer. That simplifies the year-end tasks, and minimises potential sources of error. 

So, you benefit not only from simpler booking processes but also save time and money. 

Your possible options 
  • Booking tool: book within the system yourself, or have real-time insight into our bookings 
  • Document archive: access anytime, with full-text search
  • Incoming invoice audit and payment transactions: fully electronic workflows for invoice release with data carrier for telebanking 
  • Bank statement booking: direct posting
  • Reporting: pre-defined statistics for bookkeeping and economic analysis
  • Dunning: simple set-up of dunning runs with actual data from bookkeeping, for higher liquidity