Bookkeeping & annual accounts

Being compliant with national laws regarding bookkeeping, drafting annual closings and tax returns including reports to the authorities in charge has become a cost and time intensive challenge for many companies and has led to reasonable technical and administrative additional cost.

It is our pleasure to support you in a professional and cost-effective way which allows you to focus completely on your core business.



By outsourcing your classic bookkeeping, we book your current business transactions on a regular base, handling your payment transactions and dunning as well as the reporting to tax authorities. Our innovative processes and our IT's power for implementation give the opportunity to use digitalisation benefits and modern, bespoken solutions. 

Year-end closing

Based on the current bookkeeping we draft your annual financial statements and tax returns in time and provide you reliable and precise reports of management information for your decision making process. In addition, we handle your electronic disclosure obligation regarding annual financial statements with the commercial register and file your tax returns at the tax authority in charge.