MS-Connect: Next-Generation Communication

We do not communicate like we did decades ago - in private, we use tools that allow asychronuous, quick chatting and lossless group talk (such as WhatsApp) and especially during the year 2020's challenges, the broad range of companies discovered the advantages of video conferences. However, as data security is still the hot spot, the safe use of chat and video conference tools with regard to data protection, encryption and optimal use of resources means high input of time and effort and profound expert knowledge. 

Our IT experts have already solved this topic, so we can offer our proven solution. Don't give it more thought: Use one of our packages, and make use of our professsional, clear,  and perfectly data protection compliant solution - with MS-Connect. 

Take advantage of the safe option with MS-Connect. Choose your fit:

The renowned tool SSL Labs has rated MS-Connect with the best possible outcome, an A+ Rating. It is valid for the chat system as well as the video conferences. For the rating, items such as encryption, cipher suits and RSA encryption are assessed.

SSL Labs rating of the chat system (as of 03 Nov 2020)

Rating of the video conference tool (as of 03 Nov 2020)