Herbert Huber

Herbert Huber

Auditor and tax consultant, Certified Public Accountant, director and partner

Herbert Huber is auditor and tax consultant, Certified Public Accountant (Austria), director and partner.

Tasks and responsibilities
Herbert works as a certified public account and tax advisor and is partner and shareholder of Moore Salzburg GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft.

Member of the board of examiners at the chamber of tax advisers and auditors in Salzburg.

After his studies of law at the University of Salzburg and business administration at the University of Linz he worked as a law associate in Salzburg. After having worked for a nationwide operating audit firm he became partner of Moore Salzburg GmbH two decades ago.

His professional focus lays on tax advisory, reorganisation, valuations, feasibility studies, legal action for duties, cross-national tax law, group accounting, audit services and IT consulting. 

He is authorised expert in accounting and tax law. 

Training and qualification: 

  • Certified Public Auditor and tax advisor
  • Generally sworn and court certified expert
  • Jurist and business economist 

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